4 Jan 2015

Permanent Roommates

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Being the founder of this event, it gives me immense pleasure to be taking part in its fiftieth edition. And what an apt theme that gels quite well with a series of comic strip I am sharing on Facebook daily for the past three weeks. Permanent Roommates, as I have named it after a web series on YouTube, is a light-hearted take on my year-old marriage. It has become quite popular among my wife's and my friends and family. I hope you all — my family on the blogosphere — too like it.

Another day in the life of Uttara and Vipul

When Vipul questions Uttara's attire

What Uttara feels like doing when Vipul acts like a dictator

What Uttara feels like doing when Vipul finds fault with her cooking

So these are a few glimpses from our life. More in this series are available on my Facebook page. Here is one bonus strip I have not posted there yet.

So, all those who have not tied the knot yet, don't get afraid: it's all in good humour ;)

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Vikas Khair said...

HaHaHa what wonderful comic strips with lot of truth and cheeky humor. Loved it O' my Marshal.

Please pass your judgement - Vikas Khair - Lovebirds

Megha said...

Hi Vipul, congratulations upon completing an year! :)

I absolutely love the way you have defined living together being a married couple in contrast to BAT's topic this time! The bitstrips were a great twist. I feel living together with each other for years. Knowing when your partner snores or plays his symphony is also being a soulmate. :D


aativas said...

I liked the fourth one the best.
Nice work and good to see you at BAT again :-)

Anonymous said...

Superb. Enjoyable.

Vinay Leo R. said...

Oh. I've clicked like on a few of these on FB I suppose ;)

Khushi said...

Hi Vipul,

Congratulations upon completing one year of marital bliss. I absolutely loved the comic strips and some of it made me roll on the floor laughing.

Enjoyed it.


Pavil said...

Welcome Back to your own Home :-) Now we know why you were absent on Blog-a-ton :-) I liked the eye brows comment, I never miss to say it whenever my better half returns from her customary trip to a beauty parlour.

Aishwarya said...

Hahaha ! I guess 4rh one is my favorite :D
Had great fun reading it.

Cifar said...

humorous and enjoyable, nice take on the prompt

My Blogaton#50 post Soulmates

Someone is Special said...

Seen them on FB, Vipul. Enjoying it :D Welcome back!

Someone is Special

CRD said...

Shaadi acche-accho ko cartoon bana deta hai. Especially husbands ko :p

Had fun reading :)


the little princess said...

oh yea...i have been reading ur comic on fb.....and what could be more apt for the prompt!!

Alcina said...

Hahaha..a light-hearted post. And a very different take on Soulmates :)
All the best

sm said...

nice comic