7 Sept 2009

She, Me and Her!

SheHey Vipsy, this is not right.. haan!
MeWhy? What happened babes? What's not right?
SheYou are not spending any time with me these days.. huh!
MeC'mon yaar.. you know na, I am busy with my examinations preparation.
SheBusy, my foot! You have all the time in the world for that Bi*ch but no time for me.
MeHey sweetheart, mind your language. Now who are you talking about?
SheC'mon as if you don't know, right?
MeOh.. Oh.. Okeh. Now I get it. What has gone to your head babes.
SheNothing. But she definitely has conquered your head and your heart as well.
MeStop this rubbish yaar. You know I have made some commitments and have to fulfil them. So I have to spend more time with her.
SheWhat about commitment with me. Even when you came to meet me the other day, it was because of her.
MeNow you are just exaggerating. Hasn't she helped you in so many ways.
SheHow come?
MeBecause of her, you get to meet and know so many people.
SheI don't want anyone. I just want you.
MeNow don't act stupid dear. I am nothing without all of them.
SheAnd I am nothing without you.
MeI know that jaanu. Its just a matter of couple of months. Try to understand na.
SheWhat understand?
MeAt least listen first. See, as soon as my exams get over, I promise I'll spend much more time with you.
SheOh really! And what about that new one that you are planning to bring in your life.
MeShhh.. hush hush. Thats a secret. Don't tell anyone about her as of now. When she comes into my life, she won't take much of my time anyway. I'll be fully committed and devoted to you.
SheAnd that bi*ch too.. huh!
MePlease do not call her like that. I've told you, even that's a part of my commitment, a larger commitment, not just to her but to so many people I've come to know because of her.
SheSo that is your priority?
MeYes, it is. But I can only handle it if I know you are there to support me. I love you.
SheOooooooooo.. I love you too Vipsy. Okeh, do what you feel is right but never forget me.
MeHow can I, you idiot. You are my first and hopefully last love.
SheHopefully? How dare you!
MeHey, just kidding dear. As Shahid sings in Kaminey.. Pehli baar mohabbat ki hai, akhiri baar mohabbat ki hai.
MeOh, you English freak.. It means.. I've loved for the first time, I've loved for the last time.
SheHehehehehe..... Muahhhhhh...
MeNow don't get that girlie. Chal got to go now. Catch you later.
SheOhkiee. Bye.
MeBye! See you soon.

As you must have guessed by now, this was an intimate conversation between me and my personal blog.

To some extent her anger is justified that I am spending too much time on Blog-a-Ton while totally neglecting her. But then I just can't help it. Juggling between my studies and blogging, I have to choose between either one of the blogs. And of course Blog-a-Ton can not be compromised with, at this time.

In the nutshell, I won't be blogging here for a couple of months unless or until I feel really inspired. Studies suck all the inspiration out of you, I have realised. However, you never know from where the inspiration might creep in.

Meanwhile, I'll really love it, if you read some of my favourite previous posts. Here are the Top-10 as I have also mentioned on a widget in the rightmost sidebar.
These cover varied content and presentation styles and I hope you will like reading them as much as I liked writing them.

Ofcourse, most of my regular readers aka blogger buddies must have read most of them. I'll love it, if you read what Empathic Libertarianism is all about or rather what I conceived it to be when I started this journey in case you have not read it yet.

And of course, leave your reflections (aka comments) on these posts even if they are pretty old. I'll definitely respond.

As for leaving my reflections on your blogposts, its frequency will also go down these couple of months. So, please pardon me for the same.

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Self sketched


Indian Pundit said...

Bad ending.
I thought this "ME" and "SHE" will end up in bed at last.

Such a lovely couple.


Indian Pundit said...

BTW,Best of luck for your exams Vipul.

Sugandha Gupta said...

haha ... thts cool ... I consider my blog as HE haha ... I guess tht makes me more attracted towards him :P
will read ur posts soon ... n reflect too ... cya ... n happy studying :)

Siddhesh Kabe said...

i consider my blog as 'me'...;)

wth...maine break le liya.... all r following suit...grrrr.....

i dunno nething...jump back in...i m coming 2 delhi...lets fix a meet.

Unknown said...

lol..very funny... But I guessed it when ur SHE said "B*****"... Its about ur blog and blog-a-ton....
And whats the new secret thing???that you are planning to bring in your life???

Shruti said...

Ahhh!! Vipsy ;)
What a way to tell that you will be off from blogging?!
I loved the words you used to pacify your gal...err...Your personal blog!

Nice write up re!!

Keep smiling!

Bharathi said...

Very nice. rest are -ditto- Shankar.

BK Chowla, said...

I think my blog is HE at times and SHE at other times,depending upon my state of mind and the subject.
I hope you will continue to read some of the posts?

Vineeta said...

hahahaha! This "Me" and "She" sounded so real! I couldn't believe whey u said.. you meant ur blog!! You sounded quite experienced here!! hahaha!

Dhiman said...

I somehow guessed it midway BTW both the she's are related cause your 'original' she gets more visitors due to your new 'she'...I mean that was basic idea and your new 'she' helps all of us as well ;) ...
Best of Luck for exams... 2 months will be gone just like that .... now I need to see how long can you stay away ;)

Shilpa Garg said...

Oh, Et tu!!
First Subhayan, then Anjan and now You!!
Our blogs will surely miss you!! Sob...Sob!!

On a serious note...Study hard and do well in your exams!! And see you back soon!
Bestest of Luck!! :)

Vishnu said...

another coincidence.. i was plannin to write one conversation jus like dis.. but not abt blogging.. do chk tht later.. all the best 4 ur xams..

Vishnu said...

another coincidence.. i was plannin to write one conversation jus like dis.. but not abt blogging.. do chk tht later.. all the best 4 ur xams..

Lakshmi Rajan said...

ha ha funny ! I guessed tho midway.. ! Nice Gfs ! ;)

btw , All the best for the Xams ! :)

Vineeta said...

An award awaits for u.. Chk out my blog post http://vineetazdiary.blogspot.com/2009/09/thanks-to-all-my-bbs.html

Avada kedavra said...

Nice funny post :) will read your older posts.. had read a few earlier though.. all the best for your exams!!

Vipul Grover said...

Sorry buddies for sch a late reply bt thn aftr reading this post u will definitely empathise :)

@IP.. U dirty mind.. We love each other, don't lust upon each other.. lol
Thnx 4 d wishes:)

@Suga.. Actually, I nvr thought of giving my blog a gender, till i thought of writing this post. Hey, I heard some celebrities married off their pet dogs, in future we blog buddies cn do d same with our pet blogs nd cnvrt our dosti into rishtedaari.. lol
Thnx 4 d wishes nd do read those posts:)

Vipul Grover said...

@Sid.. Tht rmindd me of a Santa and Banta Joke..
In a nutshell, it is.. Santa forgets his hotel room nd finally wn he reaches there, he tells Banta tht frst i went 2 a room nd saw a He nd She making out, nxt to my surprise She nd She, nxt to my utter disgust He nd He.. Banta takes a sigh of relief nd says, 'thnkgod buddy u forgot the room nd got late. Othrwise u wud hav caught Me and Me in a similar situation ;)
Nd hey i stay in chndigrh nd not delhi :)

@Shankar.. Hey tht nvr occurred to me.. b**** was actually the female of dog bt jus gave away the clue inadvertently :(
The new secret thng.. hush hush;)

Vipul Grover said...

@Shruti.. hey thnx shrutu ;)
Well, being single these days, my blog is my gal indeed:)

@Bharathi.. Thnx buddy. rest-ditto-@Shankar;)

@Chowlaji.. lol, ur ambilvalence makes ur blog He/She ;)
Definitely, i'll b reading posts on nd off.. cn't stay away frm tht.. just cmmntd on ur latest post too:)

Vipul Grover said...

@Vineeta.. Experienced! yeah tht i am ;)
Should dedicate this post 2 my ex.. lol
Nd hey, thnx so mch for the Blog Buddy Badge.. Um elated:)

@Dhiman.. Of course tht was an easy guess 4 my close blog buddies:)
Yup 'her' is actually helping many bloggers nd tht vindicates my effrt. I am more thn jus happy if a blogger gets a new visitor due to 'her'.
Thnx 4 d wishes.. evn i hav 2 c how long i cn stay away:)

Sugandha Gupta said...

@ Vipul : lol ... great one ... u try it first n leme kno teh experince :P hahahahaha.... Jeez ...

Vipul Grover said...

Back to replies :)

@Shilpa.. yup, me too:) Don't wrry, i won't let u guys miss me tht mch.. Blog-a-Ton hai na:)
Thnx 4 d wishes thr.. I'll be back ;)

@Vishnu.. Thnx buddy.. well, hav already chkd it by now:)
Thts wat happens wn u reply so late:)

@Rajan.. They r pretty hot for sure ;)
Thnx so mch 4 d wishes :)

Vipul Grover said...

@Avada.. Gr8! do read them nd leave ur reflections..
Thnx 4 d wishes:)

@Sugandha.. Hmmm.. lets c.. is ur mr.blog interested ;)

Keep Reflecting

Neeraj Shinde said...

To some extent, that seemed like my story! Blogging sometimes leads to a dispute among your loved ones - that's so true... It is upto us to build our own confines!

Vipul Grover said...

lol.. i think u didn't read d story proprly buddy:)
Here the she is my personal blog,i.e. this one and her is my community blog, blog-a-ton :)
Till now i've not gone tht crazy tht my gf starts cmplaining about my blogging..
Or 4 tht matter um single these days, mayb bcoz of this blogging only... um confused ;)

Pagal Patrakar said...

I came to your blog after reading your comment on my blog, and straightaway clicked the 'humor' tag :) and boy, I was humored indeed :)

Subhayan Mukerjee said...

the same thing is happening b/w me and my blog too ... sigh

Vipul Grover said...

@PP.. Thnx 4 dropping by nd appreciating.. u r running a real nice blog of urs :)

@Subhayan.. Hey, luk who's here. Surely ur blog mst hav gone nuts without u ;)

Prashansa said...

I don't know how did I missed it?! :-(
It is really witty and Funny!

Vipul Grover said...

Hey, prashansaji better late thn nvr.. thnx 4 appreciating the post :)