23 Sept 2011

Beyond Words

She always wants me 
When she has to pee
When I rush to loo
She wants to come too

In the Image:
Me with my niece in Delhi (clicked a couple of hours back)

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No one but me

21 Sept 2011

That Anonymous Nice Young Ailment

She's an ordinary girl
A girl next door
And thats the thing about her
That i adore

She has no pretensions
Won't go case by case
She is what she is
Always in your face

She is too matured
At times for her age
At other times she's a kid
Difficult to engage

She will pull your legs
With a naughty glint in eyes
That you will just give in
To her innocent tries

She likes to be by her own
Most of the times
But is a great company
When a partner in crime

She is the perfect girl
You will like to take home
And introduce gleefully 
To your dad and mom

She reads this, i hope
And know that it's her
Because no more proposing shit
And subsequent torture

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