Beyond Words

She always wants me 
When she has to pee
When I rush to loo
She wants to come too

In the Image:
Me with my niece in Delhi (clicked a couple of hours back)

Image Courtesy:
No one but me

Dear reader, I have been diagnosed with ACDS or Acute Comments Deficiency Syndrome. My condition is critical and deteriorating day by day. The Doctor has recommended me a high dosage of comments to stay alive. So, if you took out time to read this post, be kind enough to take out some more time to leave a comment. Your few more moments may add few more moments to my life. May God bless you and your blog.

10 doses of compassionate comments received.:

Blasphemous Aesthete said...


Sweet. :D

Rajlakshmi said...

hahahha that's so cute :D

PeeVee said...

Something about her smile makes me wanna go 'googoo-gaahgaah':)

Vipul Grover said...

haha.. aah tht naughty smile.. missing it already :/

Alice Taylor said...

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Hà Nguyễn said...

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Barbara Lineberger said...

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