Time Travel

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“Yes, I love you too,” she said finally.
We met for the first time, three years hence. Before I could realize, I was in love. We had so much in common afterall.
Then came the shocker. She was already committed.
However, I somehow knew, even she’s fond of me. Hence, I had to give it a try.
Like Alchemist’s Santiago, even I had to travel far, to get my treasure.
And I had to get it before anyone else could.
The difference was; I travelled back in time.

Now please don't accuse me of getting off by writing a mini-post in this Blog-a-Ton too. I had to keep it short because continuing with the set tradition on this blog, this is a 88-Fiction on the occasion of my 88th post.

Here are the predecessors - 55th, 66th and 77th.

And yeah, thanks for noticing, this is my first sci-fi romantic story. I hope it does better than Harman-Priyanka starrer Love Story 2050. Oh! You haven't even heard its name. I don't blame you friends.

Well, writing a disclaimer here will be stupid as it's just a science fiction. But maybe it is someone's fantacy. Keep guessing!

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