7 Nov 2009

If I were a baby again

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Yesterday, we had a great time. Some students from a nearby college came to our place with lots of sweets and goodies. They played with us, sang with us, danced with us and for those few moments, lost in this invisible force of communion, we all forgot our realities and got lifted to some other world.

They also made us write an essay on a very peculiar topic – ‘If I were a baby again’. Well, we had half an hour at our disposal and I thought and thought while others scribbled through their sheet of paper. Then finally with time running out, I gave words to that one thought that has lingered in my mind since the time I’ve started realising my existence in this vast ocean of humanity.

Oh! In the zeal to draw the premises for telling you that I won the first prize in this competition, I just forgot to introduce myself.

Hi, I am Kabir. As the great saint from whom I borrow my name, I have no religion. Well, how can I have one when I don’t even know who my parents are. I live in an orphanage with dozens of children just like me. We are one large family having no consanguineal bond joining us. The only bond that joins us is of similar circumstances and fate.

I am 11 years old, sort of the mean age between the new borns who join us every six months or so and the 20 to 21 years old bhaiyas and didis who leave this sanctuary to perch into the real world. But teacher ma often says that I am too mature and my brain too sharp for my age. That’s how I got my name when I was 5.

Well, if God takes away something, he is kind enough to compensate it in one form or the other, I’ve heard. I am lame; I mean crippled. Oh sorry, I am being politically incorrect, right! Thank God I got a sanctuary in this orphanage or out in the streets, people would have indeed called me a lame in the best condescending manner possible. Well, with time my ailment has got transformed from being a physical handicap to a physical disability to a physical challenge and lately I have heard people like me being addressed as differently-abled.

Whatever you call me, my fate remains the same.

Just like the group of students who visited us yesterday to celebrate the upcoming Children’s Day, there are many people who drop by to spend time with us. At times, it feels nice but then it turns too monotonous, especially around the festive seasons when just every second person in the town wants to get rid of his or her sins by doing some community service. What better way than spending some time with the unfortunate kids living in the orphanage around the corner.

So in comes one group of visitors after the other. The ones we detest the most are the Mantriji kinds who visited us during Diwali. I don’t even remember if he held any toddler or talked to us unless there was a photographer from the local newspaper around.

Even when the students from nearby colleges come, there are always those aloof kinds within them who prefer to remain on the periphery. I recently learnt that these poor chaps have to visit us to get some extra-curricular certificates that act as brownie points for their further admissions. Well, it’s good if we can be of any help to such thankless lot.

Sometimes, it feels as if we are the exhibits at a museum or even worse, inmates of a zoo. While in a museum people gasp in wonder and appreciate the exhibits, the zoo inmates often get mocked at. We lie somewhere in between.

Well, there are also some very kind visitors like Toffee wale Babaji who always treats us with nice candies on weekends, Doctor Uncle who never misses his monthly visit for our free health checkup including medicines and treatments and then these college students who came yesterday and made us feel like their younger siblings.

World is full of such duality, the good and the bad but I feel the whole mankind lies somewhere in between.

We all share the similar joys and apprehensions here. We are a one big family as I said but sometimes we long for our own little family where we might be the focal point of everyone's attention. Some are lucky enough to realise this wish as there are many childless parents who are not averse to adopt a child of an unknown lineage.

However, I recently read about test tube babies on the internet. Well, a local socialite was kind enough to donate two computers with internet connection amidst flashing camera lights the other day. I realise biological science and its advancements are being unfair to us. Why play with God's power to create a new life when there are so many of us, living in these overcrowded sanctuaries longing for a new life ourselves.

Whenever, there’s some prospective adopter around, we try to behave our best, hoping to be the lucky one; though we won't ever admit it. Frankly, we all live in a dilemma.

Will we ever be happy after leaving all our brothers and sisters?

For that matter, are we really happy here?

There are some who just try too hard, transforming from their naughty self to diabetes-inducing sweet innocence. We call them seducers. I doubt if other than a handful of us, any kid knows its actual meaning. But none of us ever miss a chance to use it to abuse each other after yet another failed attempt at seduction. I believe some bhaiya invented this abuse long ago and it just kept passing on since then.

Well, even I used to try my luck earlier but soon realised, no one wants to adopt a liability.

Oh! See, how I started babbling once again. Enough about me and my life!

You must be wondering, what did I write in that essay that bagged me the first prize, right? Well, I am surprised I won it at the first place as I thought I stood no chance. While others wrote long fairy tale like passages, I just wrote a single line; as I told you earlier, giving words to the thought which has and will linger in my mind always.

If I were a baby again, I wish my parents won’t abandon me this time!

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Raji U said...

Aww vipul that was absolutely touching. Nice idea btw.. Great work from the Founder Marshall..
All the best

MADHU RAO | (INDImag.COM) said...

I love when posts are much more than just words on a page and come from the heart. This sure does.

A touching post sir.


Chetan Maheshwari said...

this is something..
a wonderful take on the topic, with a message
heads off to you

Shruti said...

Vipsy, it was damn touching man!
Awesome, truly a vipsy style :)
Hats off

Vipul Grover said...

Hey Raji, thnx girl.. i thot of adding a different dimension 2 othrwise a fun topic.. Um happy u like it :)

Hey Madhu thnx for those sweet wrds.. I wantd to make this post more thn jus wrds nd ur cmmnt has assured me tht I was successful at this attmpt :)

Thnx Chetan.. Looking fwd 2 read ur post :)

Oye Lambi.. ummmmmm.. I mean Shruti, thnx a lot.. now write urs nd dont u dare pick up any points frm mine :p

Anonymous said...

That was too good Vipul!!! Really touching. I loved the last sentence a lot. "If I were a baby again, I wish my parents won’t abandon me this time!" :( Sad but true for so many kids :(

Vipul Grover said...

Hey thnx Ms. Ashtonishing Painter.. (um in a mood of giving nick names right now.. so plz bear with me :P)
Well the last line had 2 b the best nd um happy u cud empathise with it. yeah its a truth, a really sad truth!

Anonymous said...

I've read two posts so far and both have had a serious take. It's a very touching post and makes me realise once again how much we all can take for granted when we come from decent families.

Pinpaks said...

World is full of such duality, the good and the bad but I feel the whole mankind lies somewhere in between.

-- words I agree with and I am always going to remember. MAnkind is right there.. always searching for the right path..

Roshmi Sinha said...

Absolutely touching and very profound...

P.S. No mention of 'Guantanamo' thankfully ;)

Gomathy S said...

Vipul only you can bring such an emotion to a fun topic.. but touching I must say!

Vipul Grover said...

Hi Psych Babbler.. Nice 2 c u here.. yeah u'v made jus the right point.. there r things v take jus 4 grantd without realising their actual wrth!

Yup Rohini. We r like a pendulum, with the circumstances making us swing between this duality!
Um happy u noticed this lne :)

Hey Roshmi, politically correct guys like me falter jus once a while :)
Thnx 4 appreciating the post!

Hey Daisy Blue, first of all my apoligies 4 ruining ur fun topic ;)
Thnx 4 sch a wndrful complimnt.. looking fwd 2 read ur fun post soon!

Dhiman said...

Speechless... could never have thought in lines this post this one.... such a heartfelt one.... gr8 man...

Anonymous said...

Chetan said:
heads off to you..
now what can I say?
people are giving their heads away for this post

Ekam said...

That was very good Vipul. Very touching. I've read some 3-4 posts on this topic and this has been the best till now. And this would be. That was very good. Keep writing . God bless you :)

BK Chowla, said...

As usual, a very touching and appreciable post.

Tangerine said...

So beautifully written!!!
loved ur post... as usual

Unknown said...

hey this one was really good dude... superb one... the ending was really good... awesome buddy... liked it a lot..

Anonymous said...

Just that one last line would have sufficed as your entry for Blog-a-Ton 4 :-)

But I guess, the wonderful prelude too was necessary. I loved it.

aativas said...

Realistic and Touching. Very nice post. To think about 'neglected' kids is indeed essential, thanks for reminding me about it.

Bharathi said...

after reading much of your posts, I could almost judge what you are going to say after reading the first para. But one thing I coudnt judge is the way you present it. This time, you bettered your last one. Good work.

Prashant Mehta said...


A really touchy post! Poignant description of an orphan and physically challenged person's problems. Generally, we don't give it much of a thought of how the 'they' would think when we visit an orphanage to satisfy our own guilt. It was a good read.

Vipul Grover said...

Hey guys I was wondering why am I seeing you all aftr sch a long time on my blog.. Thn I realised, its me who has updated it aftr sch a long time.. U guys r always thr to drop by nd encourage :)

@Dhiman.. Thnx buddy. um happy this post cud reach ur heart.. i hop now it lurks for sumtime in ur mind too.. thts wat i intendd 2 do :)

@Rahul.. lol.. indeed! thnx a ton buddy.. so does tht mean i shud expect ur head too :p

@Ekam.. thnx tricity mate for such kind wrds.. yup, i'll keep writing till the time i keep getting sch encouragemnt :)

@Tangerine.. thnx a ton girl.. gud 2 c u.. i hop u keeping ur money safely these days :p

Vipul Grover said...

@Shankar.. thnx buddy.. those were sum really cool wrds.. so with tht i seal my one vote.. lol

@Debosmita.. Hey, welcum 2 my blog, gud 2 c u here :)
Well tht was one of the best cmmnt i mst say.. thanks so mch.. hop 2 c u here regularly in d future

@Aativas.. Thnx for those empathic wrds.. I am happy i cud act like a reminder nd yeah don't snooze me off :p

Shilpa Garg said...

A poignant and a unique post!! :)

Talking Skull said...

Hi Vipul.

Well written, and the last sentence was the real punch. Good luck friend.

Nikhil Patokar said...

while reading i thought ...where is this post going..when is this boy turning baby and then suddenly the last line brought it back on track....

Amit Kumar Singh said...

A touching and a very beautifully written post...:)
Really Loved it... :)
I loved the particular lines very much...like
"World is full of such duality, the good and the bad but I feel the whole mankind lies somewhere in between."
Best Of luck for Blog-A-Ton from my side.. :)

Prashansa said...

First of all sorry I couldn't make it to Blog-A ton this time!I was very busy for two days and I kind of did not get the inspiration to write this time.This time as well the Blog-A Ton is a sucess!
Your story is really very touching.It is very real.Thought provoking as well.Best of luck for the blog-a-ton!I don't know if I can vote or not but still I am going thro' all the posts.

ARJuna said...

A completely real and down to earth story simply beautiful.
Have sent you a mail about my post do check your inbox.

Guria said...

Is the Marshal allowed to be the winner??? :P :D

Vipul Grover said...

@Chowlaji.. thnx 4 appreciating :)

@Bharathi.. thnx so mch buddy.. i promise my nxt one 2 b evn better.. cmpleted it bt waiting 4 d right day 2 post it :)

@Prashant.. Hi, welcome 2 my blog:)
Um happy u liked the theme and the issues i discussed. keep reflecting :)

Vipul Grover said...

@Shilpa.. thnq so mch :)

@Sudarshan.. hi, welcome 2 my blog:)
thnx 4 dropping by nd appreciating the post nd the last line specifically!

@Nikhil.. Hi welcome to Blog-a-
Ton and this blog buddy :)
Frankly, this story was conceived by me b4 this topic got selected. So, i kinda changed its beginning and the end to fit it into the Blog-a-Ton ;)

Vipul Grover said...

@Amit.. Well i don't know if u realise it bt this line is jus a different way of presenting the tag line of my blog - Things are not always black or white, its important to identify the different shades of grey that lie within.
Thnx 4 the appreciation nd encouragemnt.. keep reflecting :)

@Pra.. never mind pra.. i hop the nxt time u gt the inspiration to write :)
U can definitely vote as per the new rules though ur vote will b countd as 1/2.
Thnc 4 appreciating the post and the idea behind it :)

@ARJuna.. thnx buddy nd yeah ur link has been posted :)

@Guria.. lol.. evn the marshal is a human being who deserves some nourishment, i mean votes ;)
thnx 4 the sweet comment S**** without a 'h' :p

Roshmi Sinha said...

Ha! Ha!

P.S. Keen to know your views on my latest post...

Mahesh Aadhya Kalal said...

it feels as if we are the exhibits at a museum or even worse, inmates of a zoo

It did question many factors of double standards which wear masks of social service to get noticed .
I liked the comprehensive, pragmatic narration. I guess you will be one of the tough contenders.

Vipul Grover said...

@Roshmi.. Yup i'll chk it out for sure once um done reading the blog-a-ton entries :)

@Mahesh.. Thnx buddy.. well i myslf hav been guilty of sch double standards at times nd frankly this post was just a way of repentance!

Lakshmi Rajan said...

Hi Vipul !

Interesting topic this time @ Blog a ton.

Yours is the first post I have read on this edition and it was quiet a dynamite effectively striking the right chord. Kudos to you for seeing the topic through an abandoned orphan! Touching and thought provoking ! Hats off man !

Vipul Grover said...

Hey thanx LR.. Do read the other entries too.. thr r sum really sweet nd cute ones too, more apt for the given topic thn mine :)

Neeraj Shinde said...

The story is written by heart. It brings ahead the bitter facts behind the motives of the people who pretend to work for humanity! So be it! Nicely written, sounded like a rambling in the middle - i skipped a couple of paragraphs. But the end was touchy! Like it!
All the best!

Karthik said...

Fabulously narrated. Loved the write-up to the core. It seems to have come straight from your heart. :-)

Roshmi Sinha said...


btw... I've responded to your Q re: my 77-Fiction: "Stranger than Fiction"...

Sandy said...

A touching post and the reality was just the last punchline! I do feel it drifted away quite a bit through the post so as to make me wonder if the topic was 'If I were a child again'...the last line took away the wind beneath my wings.


Harsha Chittar said...

hi Vipul,
Good post, I applaud and appreciate the thought behind the post.
I just have one small thing to say, the story when i was reading it; it never felt like a 11 year old was talking, some how i felt the innocence of the 11 year old got trapped beneath the words and couldn't come out.
This is not a critic speaking, this is just a readers feeling.

Vipul Grover said...

@Neeraj.. Yup, it indeed got a bit lengthy but i jus cudn't manage to sacrifice any of the stff mentioned :)
Thnx for reading nd appreciating it and the message bhind it!

@Karthik.. Straight from the heart, indeed though just my picture of what those kids feel.. Thnx buddy for the visit.. keep reflecting :)

@Sandy.. Welcome 2 my blog :)
The drifting part was intentional to bring home the final msg with full force.. I succeeded it seems :)

@Harsha.. Well buddy, about the lack of innocence u point, again that was intentional nd for the same purpose i mentiond tht line - But teacher ma often says that I am too mature and my brain too sharp for my age.
nd yeah, i might b rambling in fluent english bt cnsider it as translation of wat that kid is rambling in his mother tongue :)
Nonetheless, i cud hav shown him a bit elder.. Thnx for apprecating the thought behind it.. keep reflecting nd yeah b it a critic's or a reader's feelings, everything is welcum on this blog!

narendra said...

sanctuary?Vipul i love you....this post is full of emotions ,satire too...the way you said..we need to behave our best when a prospective .alright..I dont want to comment anything about this post..doing so would make this post MEASURABLE...i so much loved it.stay assured about that..it got a bit lengthy although (:P i wont come out of it :P )..and you told me you took a risk...i say it was worth the risk..

Nανєєη said...

nice duality of good and bad .... all the emotions well documented .. loved it

ARJuna said...

Thank you for your words of appreciation. The fact that you liked my writing is in itself the best award I can get.

Roshmi Sinha said...

I have been reading all the Blog-a-ton entries... even though have not been able to be a part of it myself. Till date.

Want to be a contributor for edition 5. Lets see.

I have a suggestion... for the topic, that is. How about writing on the 5 seminal or history making events that we have been a part of/witnessed/observed and have a good recollection of... What say???

Vipul Grover said...

@Narendra.. OMG.. buddy control ur emotions.. With SC ruling in favour of gay rights, ppl can tak 'i luv u' kinda lingo in wrong sense :p
Thnx a lot for appreciating the post in sch a nice manner.. keep supporting :)

@Naveen.. Thnx man 4 those kind wrds. keep reflecting :)

@ARJuna.. Its my pleasure buddy.. keep writing sch cool stff :)

@Roshmi.. Hey, gr8 2 hav u onboard finally :)
Now tht u r in, do suggest tht topic once we strt discusing it in a week's time. It sounds good!

narendra said...

as if i care Vipul...people work with their own engines...we work with hearts..so there is nothing troublesome in saying I lOVE YOU....:) by the way i said it cos i liked the word sanctuary..it was like chill down the spine..who has ever bothered to ask those orphanage kids whether they are happy having happy helpers and NGO supporters..!!you did...

Vipul Grover said...

yup i got it buddy.. was jus kidding.. thnx so mch.. keep visiting, reading nd appreciating (nd even critizing wn need be) :)

Aneet said...

Nice post!

"For that matter, are we really happy here?"

In general, happiness is a state of mind that asserts itself when one has induced an endorphin rush... or when bludgeoned on the head with a rainbow..

Thanks for visiting my blog. As a reply to your comment: I spit at the face of norm and pattern. However, norm wasn't very happy about it and lodged his foot in my ar*e with nasty intent...

narendra said...

criticism....yeah..its a bit long ;)

you can be creative and interpret it anyways..:P

Vineeta said...

ACDS!! Oh god!! I got scared for a moment!! U r too much :)))

btw.. Very touchy post! Wish you all the best. Promoted it on indivine too :)

Vipul Grover said...

@Aneet.. Thnx for hopping by.. yup got ya :)

@Narendra.. Yeah got tht.. bt jus wait for my nxt story.. u'll feel like killing urslf.. jus 2250 words i it :p

@Vineeta.. Haha.. so u fell for it ;)
Gud 2 c u aftr a long brk.. thnx 4 appreciating the post :D

Roshmi Sinha said...

No new posts... ?????

P.S. Please do away with the 'word verification' bit in the 'comments section'...

Vipul Grover said...

Posts will keep on dwindling Roshmi.. I've startd working ;)
Bt yeah, thnx 4 dropping by.. it rminds me tht i hav 2 read ur latest post!

P.S. I had 2 add tht word verification ystrday as my blog has startd receiving spams!

Roshmi Sinha said...

Oh! I see...

P.S. All the genres of fiction should come in handy... to maintain a steady flow of posts. What... ???

Not one... there are two posts pending now. Both political satires.

Roshmi Sinha said...

btw... Congratulations and celebrations!!!

chandrasegar said...

a touching post indeed.....u've made a happy topic more serious and interesting.good work

Vipul Grover said...

@Roshmi.. Hey thnx girl.. Well, thrs a biggie coming in a couple of weeks.. Its ready bt waiting 4 the right day.. Stay tuned :)

@Chandrasegar.. Thnx so mch 4 dropping by and appreciating my take on the topic.. keep reflecting :)

narendra said...

why not try a 55 fiction ;) ok enough...waiting to read the 2250 worded one..:P

Jason said...

This is my first visit, but I'm very impressed with your blog. I have a blog myself that provides inspiration and guidance to millions of people around the world. I was wondering if we could do a link exchange to spread some traffic around. Let me know if this is cool.


ARJuna said...

As you know that "Just Think And Answer" is an initiative. Thank you for answering. What can you do next? Send me your feedback on what you feel, what kind of question would you like to ask and so on...
For more info on this initiative visit http://www.indiblogger.in/forum/topic.php?id=3379

Neha said...

first of all, lol at your footnote about ACDS...kya Vipul, I was so touched by this post and decided to write a serious comment for a change, but well, I am happy LOLing :P

Vipul Grover said...

Yeah, Narendra just fasten ur seat belts.. The rideis gonna b long and bouncy :D

Hey Neha welcome back.. a new profile pic thr.. cudn't recgnise at frst :)
Well, nice 2 c u LOLing.. This way or that way, u were entertained.. gud 4 my blog :p