24 Aug 2011

Am I Done With Love?

Each time it happened, it brought a ray of hope
But now it carries with it, just a fear to cope

Am I done with Love?
Or I still have it in me?
Is it just a mirage?
Or can I still succeed?

When I look back at what transpired
Sometimes it was them, sometimes me
But whoever be blamed for the failures
In the end I was the loser to be

So when the heart skips a beat again
How can it be a reason to smile?
For I have learnt it the hard way
That this thing is not meant for me.

Am I done with Love?
Or I still have it in me?
Is it just a mirage?
Or can I still succeed?

I've always seen myself as a romantic
And this notion has taken my toll
Weaving the dreams just too soon
I have seen them tumbling galore

I want to take a chance again
But know well, that’s not the right way
For each smile that adorns my face today
Will be paid by a drop of tear not far away

Am I done with Love?
Or I still have it in me?
Is it just a mirage?
Or can I still succeed?

P.S. - A comment posted on my novelette 'Everyone Has a Cupid Tale to Tell' after a long time brought out this stupid song. So please don’t ask ‘who is she?'

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Blasphemous Aesthete said...

once bitten, twice shy

Such are the matters of entanglements in hearts. Complicated.

Blasphemous Aesthete

Namrata Mahalingam said...

It's beautiful!

Ifra said...

It's beautiful & i can relate the whole poem to me! I do feel Love ain't there in me. anymore.

May be I've loved too much in past :D

Vipul Grover said...

Too complicated indeed Blasphemous Aesthete :/

Thnx Namrata.. keep reflecting :)

Hey Ifra welcome back.. bt in my case, i still blive thr is love in me.. bt fed up of the girls who dont appreciate it :D

Someone is Special said...


"Am I done with Love?
Or I still have it in me?
Is it just a mirage?
Or can I still succeed?"


Neenu said...

Beautifull.. I can totally relate with each line of this beautiful poem.. Its so weird why in spite of suffering again and again, we still manage to fall in love.. :)

Vipul Grover said...

Thnx Saravana :)

Hi Neenu.. i m sure, many ppl cn relate 2 it.. its the human instinct to 'not' learn frm mistakes :)
thnx 4 appreciating the song.. keep reflecting :)

Vipul Grover said...

Welcome to this blog Bhagya Vasu.. I hope u bring 'luck' nd more readers 2 this blog :p
happy tht u loved the song.. keep returning 4 more :)

Chetan Maheshwari said...

lines..beautifully written..

man this happens with me recently, and I have to write a long letter to a girl to start a friendship , as I offended her by talking directly and expressing my feelings

Rishika Sharma said...

Awesome stuff

Vipul Grover said...

@Chetan.. thts the mistake many of us make nd js fail to learn frm this mistake :) i hop ur letter came handy (though frankly, i bliv evn tht was not the right way to apologise)

@Ashwini.. :) thnx a lot.. well, those lines actually sum up the apprehension.. gud 2 know u liked it :) keep reflecting!!!

@Rishika.. thnx 4 dropping by and appreciating :)

Chetan Maheshwari said...

yeah...it became very much handy, and now i am in talking terms to her

Vipul Grover said...

gud to know that Chetan.. ATB :)

uday kumar said...

done justice to the name reflection.....

Vipul Grover said...

Thnx Uday :)
Welcome to this blog and keep reflecting..

yogita said...

Gud job done sir

Gargi Gupta said...

Confounding yet nice...hope you get the answer soon....beautiful poem!