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My revamped Blog and a new found ideology

I am blogging after a huge gap of 17 months. I deleted a couple of old posts but retained the one on Gandhigiri because it made me realise that my new found ideology is not something I developed instantly but has gradually evolved through the years gone by. Finally I have been able to consolidate it under the sobriquet of "Empathic Libertarianism".
It required a lot of introspection and testing for consistency. These days, spending time all by myself, there are ample opportunities for me to meet my inner self. So after deep contemplation, I realised that I share a libertarian philosophy. However something was missing. I found a lot of subjectivity crept in when I tried to think of different developments taking place around the world in socio-political sphere. So after pouring in more time and mental energy, I decided to add some empathy to my ideology.
Thence was born an Empathic Libertarian.
Libertarianism, as you might be knowing, is exercising one's free will. However the appendage 'empathic' imposes a restriction on the same. This imposition is by no means extrinsic, but intrinsic in nature.
As per libertarianism, there is already a restriction, which i found most of the people miss to mention while defining it. It is that one can enjoy liberty only till that extent that it does not interfere with someone else's liberty. 'Empathic' sensitizes this very aspect of libertarianism.

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Dear reader, I have been diagnosed with ACDS or Acute Comments Deficiency Syndrome. My condition is critical and deteriorating day by day. The Doctor has recommended me a high dosage of comments to stay alive. So, if you took out time to read this post, be kind enough to take out some more time to leave a comment. Your few more moments may add few more moments to my life. May God bless you and your blog.

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