22 Nov 2009

Coming Up Next!

"We have kept quiet for so long that they think we will take all their rubbish without uttering a word... One year ago, our brothers from Pakistan took upon themselves to avenge the insult we have been facing all these years. We have to show that even we can stand up against the injustice and oppression inflicted upon us... This will be our first anniversary gift to our enemies... With the blessings of the Almighty behind us, November 26 is the day when we will finally initiate our jihad."

Come this November 26, Will Mumbai bleed again?

Stay tuned to find it out as the mystery unfolds here!

I am an innocent blogger with no connection whatsoever with any terrorist organisation or fundamentalist group, other than the fact that I voted for a BJP candidate in the last General Elections. I sinned, I know!

The above passage is a part of an upcoming post. So in case you are from any Indian intelligence services who happened to hop onto my blog due to some freaky keyword matches (I doubt RAW, NIA or IB are that advanced), then please do not get alarmed and go back to your slumber.

And in case, you happen to be from the FBI (I don’t mind fantasising about my blog’s popularity across the Oceans), then say my hello to Mr. President and tell him not to worry and live in peace (pun intended).

And in case, you are from the ISI, then please don’t start salivating. I am a proud Indian and as I said, I am just a blogger whose latest obsession happens to be storytelling and hence I won’t become one of your stooges. (Just kidding fellas, if there’s any nice proposal for a prospective franchisee in and around the Chandigarh tricity area, contact me at ISI_is_behind_all_the_terrorist_attacks_in_India@TalliHoGaye.pk)

A Sensible Disclaimer:
Usage of certain potentially controversial words in this post are not intended to malign any individual or community. That is the last thing, you should expect on this blog.

By adding humour with the gory pictures of the Mumbai Siege, last year, I by no means intend to show disrespect to the departed souls and their grieving families. We all are grieving with them!

For my readers:
It was the Mumbai Siege that inspired me to return to blogging last year and since then I've become a regular. There were two immediate posts, I published then on this incident. I’ll appreciate if you can take out some time to read them.

Well friends, I know I am just over-hyping my upcoming post by this publicity stunt. But then, these days competition is so high that one has to use such strategic (read, stupid) ploys.
Ok, just cut the crap. I just intended to boost my ever falling posting rate. Period.

Technically, after writing 'Period', I must bring this post to an end. But who cares! Well, there is a reason behind my dwindling posting rate, rather two. First, as you all know I had my exams which finally ended on Nov 3. Second, is my job. Yup, I joined the faculty of a MBA coaching institute and have to burn my arse, sitting there 8.5 hours daily. So please bear with me.
Yeah, yeah, I know you all are snickering right now as nothing's as relaxing as a blogger buddy on a break!

Please excuse the grammatical mistake in the picture caption. It should read 'A Year since Mumbai bled!' rather than 'An Year..'. I am too lazy to edit the image. Period!

Image Courtesy:
http://farm4.static.flickr.com (edited)


Neha said...

i will for sure come back and read both the posts on 26/11...I wrote a post on this topic too - it was about my experience of hearing gun shots, news of a friend dying, attending the peace rally and few photographs clicked there...


on a lighter note, Mr. Vipul, not only you, even I know how to create an interest in people about my posts :P I am sure after reading the above description, you will read that post :D

ok, enough of conceited statements, do read it whn u get time :) n profile pic is indeed changed, but now u have seen it :)

pawan said...

Good intro ;)
Looking forward for the post :D

Roshmi Sinha said...

Nice trailer. Awaiting your next post...

But I have a different take on this... will write a post on it soon... and then maybe we could discuss.

btw... what do you think is the shortest way of stopping acts of terrorism (bomb blasts, killings, suicide attacks, et al)... ???

Vipul Grover said...

Hey, Neha.. yeah i'll hop on 2 ur post soon nd read ur xpirience.. u hv indeed aroused my interest :)

Thnx pawan.. i hop u like the post wn it comes out :)

Well, Roshmi um confused.. how can u hav a different take on anything without reading it..
about ur question, well the issue is so complex tht its not possible to decipher a shortest way.. If thr cn b one, it mst b an empathic way.. a lot of factors involved.. will surely discuss it with u sumtime :)

BK Chowla, said...

Vipul,good to see you again.
Yours is a good marketing brain.You can account for good TRPs if required.
May be I will also try and write a post on this subject,after I have read yours.

Roshmi Sinha said...

Ummm... I wasn't referring to your post. I meant 'terror/terrorism' as well as '26/11'. I have been reading quite a few blogs re: these... and my take differs from the conventional/prevalent view.

I intend to write a post on them... soon.

Dhiman said...

I am sure the coming post will live up to the publicity in this post :D ... and not like the "Hyped" movies which actually turn out to be duds ;) ...
Looking forward to it ....

Vipul Grover said...

lol.. thnx chowlaji. I'll surely read tht one.. i feel so guilty of not being regular on ur blog off late :(

ohk.. I get it Roshmi. Lets c how far apart r v on this issue.. u'll gt sum pointers of my stand in the two posts i'v mentiond in this post :)

Dhiman dada.. Evn um keeping my fingers crossed. I cn say this mch tht this is my best wrk till date. bt thts my point of view. lets c how u all feel about it :)