5 Dec 2009

All in a Day's Work

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December 4, 2009

09:00 am

The alarm on my cell phone just rang. And my instincts pressed the snooze button. Ofcourse, I’ll press it another 5 times at the fixed intervals of 5 minutes till all of them get exhausted. This cap of 5 snoozes with just 5 minutes interval is surely one of the shortcoming of otherwise spectacular Nokia E71. Hey dumbo, stop advertising and sleep! Enjoy the last 25 minutes of the slumber heaven.

09:25 am

No, no, this cannot be happening. I am too sleepy. Please, let me sleep. What about another alarm for say 10:00 am. No, not that long. 09:45 will do. Here I go. Zzzzzzzzzzz.

09:45 am

This wretched ‘Wake up Sid’ Alarm tone. Just shut up. I am Vipul, not Sid. Go find him at his Sid Café or what is it, Sid-o-Scope. Man, he, his blog name, his blog content and his blog templates, ever changing stuff! Hey, just shut up and get up. Do not misuse the flexi-timings of your office. Late to Office, Late back home. You are the loser ultimately, dumbo.

09:50 am

Lets switch on the TV to find if Sehwag scored his third triple century. Oh! He’s out. Did, he score it. Click Click no news, shit! Chuck it, lets go to bathroom first. Plop plop shit (this time the real one, not colloquial), Flushhhhhhhhhhhhh, swoosh swoosh brush, splash splash bath. Done finally. Hey, clothes on, I am ready. Lets grab a quick breakfast and the match too. Hey, even Dravid is gone. Click click. Who is this ULFA commander, these guys are talking about. Man, show some news about Sehwag. Chuck it again, will catch it in the office. Kick kick and my old red Pulsar relents finally.

11:00 am

Ping. My finger print not accepted. Retry. Here I go again. Ping. Again rejected. Ping. Accepted this time. So finally my Day at work starts.

'Hello sir, how are you'. 'Kya haal hai'. 'Hello', 'Hello', 'Hi'. Finally sitting on my seat. Hey mam, just click on that score link on your browser. This wretched net speed. Oh, poor Sehwag, missed it by 7 runs. So, my first task completed. Now what to do?

Well, I completed my first assignment yesterday after a hard labour of 25 days. Was it hard! Whatever, it was, it was done perfectly. I had the option to just sit and idle around and not tell the boss that the work is done. But by the evening, the Vipul Grover in me pushed me to his room and I finally came out with a mega-assignment clinging to my neck this time. I hope it doesn’t choke me. So should I start it now?

No, what about Blog-a-Ton! I still have to write my post. What should I write about. How about a story of a police constable, spanning a whole day. How he gets up early in the morning in his dilapidated house, travels on the local train, gets to work, not even getting basic amenities while working. How about including some police encounter too and other stuff. At the end of the day, with just 8 hours left to return to job, he boards the train for his home. He is tired but happy as tomorrow he’ll get his salary, 5000 bucks for the month with which he has to sustain his 5 members' family. With that the story will end.

Just shut up man. All your stories are becoming too similar, just giving out social messages. Chuck this idea.

But yeah, dear blogger buddies, with the stories and social messages, I remember, where have you all been? I am really disappointed. Once, you finish reading this post, go and read my previous one, Jihad. According to Blogadda and most of my readers, it is my best post till date. So do not miss it.

12:00 pm

Ha ha ha ha ha. Time to give some exercise to the muscles of my mouth. Stop thinking dirty, guys. I am just talking about laughing. The other exercise is off limits these days; the GF is not around you see! Yeah, yeah I had a GF, or should I say, I still have one or should I really address her that way. Its complicated, you see. Leave it.

Throwing some jokes, listening to some and the faculty is busy laughing. That's the work, they know and do best.


I should now say 'We'!

For the ignorants, while I wait for my civil sevices results, I have started working at a popular coaching institute in Chandigarh. It has been under a month here but I have gelled in pretty well.

12:30 pm

Lets work finally. Yawn!

01:30 pm

Someone finally gave the lunch cry. I am not too hungry right now but it is better to have some company at lunch than having it alone, the way I did it in my initial days at office. Tap, tap walking, munch munch eating, tap tap walking back and I am back on my seat. Now, what to do? Last time, I said 'work', I ended up doing something else. So should I work finally? Maybe yes. Yawn!

04:00 pm

Ha ha ha ha ha. Yeah, again a laughing break. I did work for some time but it was too boring. Then helped other's with their work for some time. Yeah, I am the Jack of All Trades (and even the Master of some). So, helped a colleague with the content of her GK presentation, the other with the very basics of making a powerpoint presentation and still another with making diagrams on MS Word. I wonder, how the work was being carried out here when I was not amongst them. Amidst all this, I did something else too, rather spent most of the time doing it.

Everyone is discussing the CAT blunder here, time to time. It is the talk of the town and when you are sitting in an institute dedicated to the MBA coaching, this is bound to be on the top of the agenda. It is funny, how the management of the most esteemed management institutes of India created this blunder. Terrified students and their frantic calls are coming in non-stop since the begining of the exams, 6 days back.

Ha ha ha ha ha. Amidst these discussions, laughing continues.

04:30 pm

Wow! Just checked India's final score. Didn't care to see the score through the day. India declared at mammoth 726. Another victory around the corner, it seems.

As the time proceeds most of the faculty around is getting restless. Someone finally started playing songs on her cellphone. Oh my God, its 'Wake up Sid'! What the hell; I told you, I am not damn Sid. Let me sleep, I mean work. Yawn!

05:30 pm

Finally, did some more work in between the ha ha ha ha ha sessions. Lets go downstairs for some time. Another colleague, sitting on the adjoining seat decides to play the songs this time. Suspense and nervousness is in the air as his cellphone mostly dishes out oldies, worth a billion yawns. Just as I get ready to leave, the SRK-Rani starrer 'Chalte Chalte' title song starts playing. What a timing.Tap tap walking.

05:50 pm

A stroll around the buildings, a patty to satisfy the ever-empty stomach and a lemon drink (to accompany it) later, here I am back on my seat. The songs are still playing, this time 'Pal pal' from 'Munnabhai'. The song speaks our dilemma -With each passing moment, we are wondering, how shall we pass the remaining moments in this office. Is it a coincidence or with nothing better to do, I am trying to find a meaning out of every song! Anyway, Thank God, today, his cellphone is in a better mood.

Boss is also in the faculty room and behind his back, I am working. Yeah, working but upon something, I shouldn't be doing during office hours. Who cares!

06:30 pm

Boss is still in the room with a colleague, working upon the soon-to-be launched revamped website. Faculty has left, completing their 7 hours daily quota. But I am still stuck here, for another hour. With Boss around and no mood to work, I decided to read The Hindu, my staple diet. Being the GK and GD/PI faculty, this is one thing, I can do without any apprehensions in front of the Boss too. While reading, I generated some ideas for my real work and the other work too. So that is the reason, I am sitting in front of the PC now.

07:20 pm

It is the time to wrap up and call it a day, having nearly completed my 81/hours quota. It was a hectic day. Just had too many ha ha ha ha ha sessions, CAT blunder discussions, Boss sitting just behind the back and finally, the deadline to complete the work. Yes, I finally completed my work. The day well spent writing my post for Blog-a-Ton. Now time to schedule it for the midnight and once again wear the Marshal's cap. And you thought, I was all the time busy working upon that mega-assignment aka real work. Ha ha ha ha ha; work full throttle from tomorrow for sure.

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Shruti said...

Am the first to comment again..
Off to read the post :)

Raji U said...

Ha ha ha.. you know how to pull sid's leg and again about the shameless promotional method you use.. You are the best vipul and I'm proud to have you as our founder Marshall.

The post was hilarious.. all the tap tap tap and click click and kick kick.. awesome dude!!

Shruti said...

Ahhh, I finished...
I know someone ll precede me, that's why i had marked my attendance with my first comment!!

Now raji, answer me, How did vipul pay u!! U buttered him well.. :D He will publish the votes u get, since, u praised him so much..

Now to post, Vipsy, I got all the INSIDES u told me :D
Those expressions were awesome.. Pity sid and I second u!! The craziest guy i have ever seen...he changed his template again!! Huh!! Even i gave some exercise to the muscles of my mouth... Arey, i was chuckling :D :P (No dirty thoughts again :P)

Good and decent one!!

Vipul Grover said...

Hey lambi.. you get the doughnuts for being first :)

Hey, Raji.. Whats so shameless about promoting my own post in my own post :p
Well, thnks for my usage of onomatopoeias bt u missed to repeat the best one - plop plop :p
Nd yeah, I am proud to have you all as fellow Blog-a-Tonics, Rajiiiiiiii :)

Now coming to the accusation of corrupt practices by the Marshal. Lambi, I'll publish her votes or not but surely, I am black-listing you :p

Nd yeah Shrutu, lets c wat Sid has to say after reading this post.. It will be fun for sure.. Some more exercise for our mouth muscles.. Ofcourse individually and because of laughing ;)

sm said...

like the pic

pawan said...

A long post but it was fun to read!
Incidentally I wanted to write something of this sort but now I have to reconsider my idea.

And sure I'll read your last post 'Jihad', I didn't read it because I didn't find much time!


Siddhesh Kabe said...

u know vipul.. came here 2 find ur post...found that u r missing me yay!!!

he he he...

U know I do have a dissociative personality disorder...:P and my blog changes colors the way i do...:D

Ok I will promise not 2 change my blog this year anymore...ha ha ha ha ha ha ha... and dont listen to lambi she is guilty as charged in my changing colors, i asked her to help me out in choosing colors.

so i did not find u actually working in ur job...oh welll...who does...;)

You people did have competition of posting I believe...0:00, 00:01 :P


Bharathi said...

hey mams. you forgot to mention all the drooling you did with hot chicks at work ;-).

Nice casual read. I always like your subtle humor.

Vipul Grover said...

Hey SM.. long time man :)

Hey Pawan.. yeah tht's one thing, I always hear frm u.. long but wrth a read :p
Sorry for stealing ur idea bt why dont u steal the plot of constable's day at work ;)

Ha ha ha ha ha.. Ravan is here clarifying his changing colours :p
U r rite, lambi has her hands in evrything :D

No mamu.. don't use the defence mechanism.. tht's a bad thing. U r the one who fantasises about a hot secretary, so stop accusing me.. I hope u find this humour subtle too :p

Madhu | INDImag.com said...

It was a fun read.

You are having the cake and eating it too !. Go in at 11, light work, long lunches and laugh session..

Is your company hiring ? :-)

Neeraj Shinde said...

Funny post Vipul! Nicely portrayed sequence of your personal life!

Best of Luck! :)

Vipul Grover said...

Hey Madhu, the amount I work for the peanuts um payed is more thn enuf.. yup, the cmpany will surely hire u bt b ready to get in2 a financial mess :p

Hi Neeraj, thnx man.. looking fwd to read ur's now :)

Rocksa said...

Hey Marshall!

I like the orderly manner in which the post is written :) I tend to lose track when write ups are lengthy but with this one, it didn't happen...I was gripped to the post till the end and had good fun reading! Your company seems to be one of the best employers in the industry(of course when pay scale isn't considered!!):P :P Nice read!

Siddhesh Kabe said...

u know bro...it was flattering that u think about my blog early in the morning...:P

but u do not read any post on it..grrr...:P

and if its any consolation, I change my colors just b4 blogaton so that ppl feel d change...:D

Vipul Grover said...

ha ha ha ha ha
Hey Sid, not laughing at ur reply but u c another laughng session going on here :p
Well, it might seem um pretty 'free' at wrk bt the previous days were actually hectic.. It was just tht I cmpleted my wrk on thrsday and was not in mood to start the new one nd to top it blog-a-ton was hanging on my head.. In short, I hav been pretty irregular on others' blogs, for tht matter, even on my own blog.. And I hate it :(
Will surely try to catch up :)

Harsha Chittar said...

Good one it was a very good read, damn funny, the pic helped too(just kidding):D

Vipul Grover said...

Hi Raksha, thnx for showering sch praises. um elated :D
U r right, cmpany are the best employers if u dont include the pay scale criteria.. But do read my above reply to Sid, I am not actually 'free' like this everyday :)

Hey Harsha, the pic mst have helped indeed, it was intentionally added to the post, u c :p

Shilpa Garg said...

Hmm...so that's a day in the life of Vipul Grover!! :)
Pretty interesting and fun day you had!! :)
Good to read a fun post on your blog!! :)

Vipul Grover said...

Hi di.. Yeah tht was a day in my life indeed.. Evn um surprisd tht i actually wrote a fun post :p

Dhiman said...

It was a real fun to know your 'work' day ;) with all the sound effects .... fun post for a nice change :D

Anonymous said...

Hehe...interesting read. Glad you made it light-hearted to be honest! (Even though I'm sure you would have done a good job with the day in the life of a policeman) And lol at the self-promotion!

Vipul Grover said...

Hey dada, good u likd it.. nd thnx for mentioning the sound effects.. i hop u cud really feel the things happening :p.

Hi Psych Babbler, thnx for sch a sweet cmmnt.. it fills me with sch a zeal to know tht u guys have sch faith in my writings.. nd tht pushes me to do some self promotion shamelessly :p

BK Chowla, said...

Good to read a post from you after a long gap.

Karthik Kotresh said...

Hey Vipul, that was hilarious. :D
So much fun at work! Lucky guy!
And is that you in the pic with hair? I think so. You look handsome with hair, dude. But handsomer without hair. :D
It's like first seeing Bruce Willis in Die Hard 1 and then seeing him in Die Hard 4.0 :D
Very well narrated, by the way! Enjoyed reading. All the best! Cheerios!

Vipul Grover said...

Hey thnx Chowlaji :)

Haha.. luvd the Bruce Willis analogy Karthik :) Well, I must add the disclaimer, it seems, that this is not my everyday routine.. It was just for the sake of Blog-a-Ton :)
Um happy u found the post hilarious. I nvr intendd it to b tht way :p

Tavish Chadha(sensible-bakwas.com) said...

love your witting style dude... brilliant post...


Anonymous said...

Oh..I was thinking my comment is under moderation...Never showed up here..so re posting?

I was also wondering if you have any positions open in ur company. Sounds like fun every day and all day.. Cant wait to see from you another different day at work :)

Roshmi Sinha said...

A fun read... and a good day's work too :)

Being DIfferent said...

Hi Vipul.

Now what can I say that has not been said before. Probably I'll take the honours of being the last one to post a comment on your piece. :). Like all the others before me went...It was a humorous read and well...as I am new to the community I am not sure I get the joke about Sid...though I am a big fan of the guy who played Sid. :)If I am right...Sid is aka Ravan.

All the best to you Marshal!

Unknown said...


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We found your blog interesting and would like to feature your interview on our website.

Please let me know or else contact us on i.webneetech@gmail.com, so that we can send you the questionnaire and feature you on webneetech.com Please visit www.webneetech.com to know more about us.


Vipul Grover said...

Thnx Tavish.. Welcome to this blog.. Hope to c u around more oftn :)

Sure Dil OTR.. Thr r many positions open.. Send in ur CV asap :p

Vipul Grover said...

Thnx Roshmi nd yeah welcome to Blog-a-Ton at last.. Will b reading ur post soon :)

Hey, Shalini, why do u want the incoming cmmnts to end at u.. U mst have noticed i am suffering frm ACDS.. Plz let more of thm cum in :p
Now tht u r the part of this community, u'll cum to know evryone pretty well, soon enuf :)

Mahesh Aadhya Kalal said...

pleasantly humorous and distinctly hilarious...good sequential narration....
enjoyed the reading :)

Vipul Grover said...

Hey thnx Mahesh :)
Thought of giving some dose of humour to my blogger buddies for a change!

Nethra said...

It was hilarious, especially the piece that said about exercising your mouth's muscles. :)

Nανєєη said...

pretty nice ... Sid n mouth muscles boths hilarious :D

Vipul Grover said...

@Nethra and Naveen.. It seems the mouth muscles bcuming pretty popular.. All dirty minds :p

Nd yeah Nethra, welcome 2 this blog and blog-a-Ton as well.. Keep visiting :)

Pushpee said...

Wow! u set the alarm at 9am? and u continue to yawn through out the day..all in day's work?? .amazing how u can devote time to blogging after so much hard work of ha ha he he...throughout the day

Enjoyed reading ur post....

Sojo Varughese said...

Tell me if your company is hiring Vipul - I would love the go-in-as-late-as-you-please feature! [You boss reads your blog? ;)]

Preeti said...

Hi Vipul!

I am a first time Blog-A-Tonic, and I must say this was the most fun I have ever had posting on my blog!
I loved your post! It was a very nice take on the topic..Simple, subtle, hilarious!


Prashansa said...

Totally different post this time Vipul and you do it with your mark on it as usual! I have missed your Jihad post and I will certainely read it!!:-) I like all the sounds you mentioned here...anyway!!One thing for sure I will never like to be your-'BOSS'!!

Bharathi said...

No. No masks buddy. You need to read my latest post on "mask" to understand this. (I leaned from you on how to do the shameless self promotion in a more subtle way)

Guria said...

Pretty interesting life you lead.... and almost as funny as Vi-pull!! :P :)
By the way, do more accolades directed towards you get the votes for me counted twice?? Let me know, and I just might hog your comment box and of course, Jihad's! ;) :D :D :D

Niharika said...

That was a good anecdote of your day!!!!! A humorous post overall!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey that was very funny :P A funny post from the Marshall..hmm.. are you trying to change your image? :P Nice leg pulling of sid :))) Ever-changing template..hehe..
I missed reading Jihad due to lack of time. Now off to read it :)

Chetan Maheshwari said...

quite hilarious
gr8 post

aayanman said...

It took me 35mins. to read your post.not because it was long, but because the spicy picks kept distracting me !So tempting since I am new to your site to go through the winning entries.! and if you looked at it from a distance, it became a design element.!

So when I finally did, I enjoyed reading it.Good post.:-)

narendra said...

hillarious..hila ke rakh diya..sid is mentioned!! lol..
Lol and you wont come out of the #shamelessselfpromotion will you..come on vipul we have read your Jihad and all.. :P toomuch of breaks for laughing..hmmm..wow you are so busy and you have so much time for strolss and walks..lol...

this is the lightest post ever from you.. lol

Deepa Gopal said...

Hi Vipul

First time here...read few stories and I am totally impressed. Hats off to you!

Yours was an interesting read...different from what I read until now! Nice use of humour too.

Since I am new to Indiblogger...how do I vote for the ones I liked??? I couldn't place them in Indivine...since thts for the posts posted in 48hrs,right? Pls do let me knw.

Good Luck!
Deepa from

Vipul Grover said...

Hey thnx evryone for appreciating the humour quotient of this post. Now cuming to individual rplies..

lol.. Pushpee.. thnx for empathisisng.. its indeed tough to take out time for all these activities :P

haha sojo.. thr r too many requests cuming in now.. i think i shud talk to the boss regarding expansion )
nd yeah the othr day, i hd to snd a mail to boss.. u mst b knowing tht i undersign it with my blog addresses.. just on time, i realised i shud rmove those links or i wud hav packed my bags by now :P

Hey Preeti, welcome to blog-a-ton :)
thnks for appreciating this post.. i hop u luvd the whole event nd all the entries. luking fwd to read urs.. keep reflecting :)

Vipul Grover said...

Hey thanks Pra.. 'with your mark on it as usual'.. i am elated:)
thnx soooo mch nd um happy u liked all sounds including plop plop :p

Haha.. Bharathi poor self promotion.. make it more interesting :P

Hey Guria, u find me funny :P
yeah keep showering accolades.. i might add sum fake votes for u too :P

Vipul Grover said...

Hi Niharika.. thnx a lot.. um happy u likd it :)

Yeah yeah Ms. Avada K., changing my image.. demands of the time :P

Hey Chetan, thnx buddy :)

Vipul Grover said...

Hi Gyanban.. thnx for showering all that appreciation.. um obliged.. now i hop to c u around more oftn.. keep reflecting :)

Hey Narendra.. zada to nahin hil gaya na :p
man um shameless.. will keep promoting myslf.. now wn i post nxt time, i'll have to ask everyone to read my previous post as according to my readers, it is my lightest post ever :p

Hi Deepa.. welcome to this blog.. Thnx for taking out time to read and appreciate my work. In case u rtrn to read my rply, thn just mail me ur xact query about indivine. I blive u bit confused about its xact concept.. I'll surely revert asap.. till thn u cn also read FAQ's on Indiblogger about Indivine. It might help too :)

Saimanohar said...

Typical day fare,was a good read too... and what r those hahaha sessions..I didnt get an idea..

Vipul Grover said...

Hey thnx Sai.. Well those hahahahaha sessions are simply time pass.. making silly jokes nd laughing on thm :P

The Literary Jewels said...

Enjoyed reading your post...having read your problem of ACDS... hahaha
I thought of not leaving without commenting...
My first reaction when I first saw your post.."How would I finish reading this?" But you know by the time I finished reading it, I didn't feel it was that long. This is because there was flow in your post, and a spontaneity which made it all the more readable.
Keep writing...good luck

Vipul Grover said...

Hi Amritbir.. so nice of u for showing sch empathy for an ACDS patient :P
Um happy u cud njoy these ramblings of mine.. Thnx for the visit nd the kind wishes! Keep reflecting :)

Guria said...

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Subhayan Mukerjee said...

an innovative post indeed !!! loved it thoroughly ...and regarding Wake Up Sid ... even I have the same alarm tone, and thats what pissed me off even more!!!

BTW, i have my very own laptop now which i shall take to BITS this time ... and so will devote a lot of time to blogging again ... to start off, i've tagged you in my last post ... do respond!