28 Jan 2010


Hey blogger buddies, just thought of updating my blog. It is literally craving for posts these days. Even Indiblogger guys gave me an ultimatum recently by dropping my IndiRank by 18 points.

Well, lets see what all is on agenda for today -
  1. Exclusive pictures of my cutie pie from my recent New Delhi visit
  2. Exclusive scenic pictures from my Jammu visit last month
  3. Link to my blog interview
  4. A teaser of my upcoming short story


 That's Tinni for you. Those of you who have been there with me since last 3 and a half months or longer, know exactly who she is. Click here to see my first post dedicated to her.


 That's Jammu for you or to be precise, Patni Top and the way to this hill station from Jammu.
Click on the collage to enlarge it.


These guys from some web designing portal, Webneetech who are on a strict diet of having at least one blogger every day decided to devour me too. So, even I got a chance to feel like a VIP (though I am already VIPul) and be interviewed. It got published recently, titled Blog Marathon with Blogger Vipul Grover. Click here to read it.


Well, its high time that you all get to know, I am NOT away from blogging. I have been busy writing a short, errr 'not so' short story and here I present to you the first looks.

She looked just too beautiful, clad in that red bridal dress with those red and white bangles clinging to her forearm. I could see a concoction of shyness and cheerfulness in her eyes. Those eyes were indeed too intoxicating. The expensive and elaborate ornaments that she wore were although, too unworthy to add to her beauty. She was the one who I had always dreamt, will be mine one day. And after so many years, finally here she was...

To arouse some more interest in you guys, this cupid tale is based on my own life. So stay tuned.

That's all for today. Now go and do some useful work!

Images Courtesy:
Me, Myself and I


    Shilpa Garg said...

    Hi Vipul. Good to see you in our Blog world again!
    1. Oooh...such a cute baby!! :)
    2. You came to Jammu!?! We could have met and I would have had the pleasure of meeting my first friend from the blogging world in real life!! :D
    Patnitop is amazing! Have you been to Sanasar?? Its some 18 kms ahead of Patnitop. Its less commercial and more beautiful! :)
    3. Congratulations! A celebrity now!! :D
    4. A love story based on your life!! Looking forward to it!! :)


    Siddhesh 'Ravan' Kabe said...

    welcome back marshal...

    I missed u...:D

    Neha said...

    phew! Sid's comment..and you were asking Vidhu and Guria what was going on..gosh!!!!!!!!!

    The Bald Guy said...

    Cute girl! You should have told me when you were in Delhi! Would have loved to catch up!

    COngrats for the interview. Will read it now!


    BK Chowla, said...

    I am glad to see you again.

    Vipul Grover said...

    @Shilpa di.. Meeting u was also on my mind but had sch a packed schedule, thnxs to limited leave and sch a large family there, that could not plan it tht way :)
    Well, i jst wnt to patni top, wanted to c snow but unluckily tht hapened only wn i rtrnd back!

    @Siddie.. Don't give any more fodder to these chicks ;)

    @Vakeel Sahiba.. Haha, thts wat's xpctd of u :p

    @Ramit.. Hey bro, for sure the nxt time i cum around :)

    @Chowlaji.. Gr8 2 c u too :)

    Dhiman said...

    Gr8 to see you back Grand Marshall...
    Tinni is really very cute... give the cutie pie lots of hugs from this mama...
    Loved the pics of Kashmir...
    Of course you too had a love story and waiting eagerly for it :D

    neeraj said...

    Beautiful pictures...

    Badi Najakat se collage dhala hai :-)

    Indian Pundit said...

    "To arouse some more interest in you guys, this cupid tale is based on my own life. So stay tuned"

    Sounds interesting.

    i am tuned in.

    Vipul Grover said...

    @Dhiman.. Ofcourse i too had and many of thm :p
    Tinni says a hi to u :)

    @Neeraj.. Shri 'Picassa' maharaj ne ise dhala hai, maine nahin :)

    @IP.. Hey, wr hd u vanished man.. good 2 c u bak :)

    Bharathi said...

    nice way to update the blog. Its totally unfair for indi blogger to slash the ratings (I too got slashed :-() as they are irregular too. they dont conduct indi blogger of the month, every month you see.

    reg ur trailer, another love story (argh). I know what u will say.

    samia nisar said...

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    samia nisar said...

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