इस राजनीती की शतरंज में 

मोहरे पल-पल बदलते हैं।

हरी-भूरी गिरगिट की भांति

नेता सब रंग बदलते हैं।।

आज जो विपक्ष में बैठा

हर पल शोर मचाता है।

हरे-हरे नोटों को देख

अलग ही राग सुनाता है।।

सत्ता का मोह है कुछ ऐसा

दायें को बाएं से मिलाता है।

काले-भूरे गिद्ध की भांति

बिचला भी चक्कर लगाता है।।

विचारधारा तो है लुप्त विचार

राजनीती अलग इक खेल है।

काले धन्दों, सफ़ेदपोश गुंडों का

हो चुका इसमें समावेश है।।


Image Courtesy:
Pete Oxford / naturepl.com

Dear reader, I have been diagnosed with ACDS or Acute Comments Deficiency Syndrome. My condition is critical and deteriorating day by day. The Doctor has recommended me a high dosage of comments to stay alive. So, if you took out time to read this post, be kind enough to take out some more time to leave a comment. Your few more moments may add few more moments to my life. May God bless you and your blog.

7 doses of compassionate comments received.:

BK Chowla, said...

Good to read such a hard hitting poem after a long time

Bharathi said...

Hey man. Such an wonderful post. I enjoyed it a lot. But the only problem is that i dont know hindi.

How u doing otherwise.

Have u become a IAS officer or not yet. When can i send my recommendations?

Vipul Grover said...

Hello Chowlaji.. thnx a lot.. at least one comment is alwez guaranteed wn i post :)

Dearest Bharathi (who is not a girl).. a good one :)
I am doing good.. IAS nd all well in past.. now i m into journalism.. how r u nd ur family?

Bharathi said...

Am doing great. And my family too. Tks.

You have chosen an interesting field. I strongly believe you have chosen a place where you belong to. All the best.

I know you will not identify me as a girl now :). Lessons!

juli said...

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anam islam said...

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Nancy Tex said...

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