17 Aug 2009

The Epic 'Untagging' Post - III

Aug 13, 2009
4:20 pm

Its been some time since I wrote any long post, much dreaded by my blogger buddies like Bharathi, who even dedicated a 55-Fiction recently to his fear for my lengthy posts. Fact remains that I am a little busy these days with my studies and these lengthy posts not just drain out my readers but me too.

Any way, I decided to take up all the pending tags which will satisfy my thirst for long posts, give me a breather in between study time, keep me jumping back up on your blogrolls and help you to know me better for sure.

Aug 13, 2009
4:30 pm


This tag, Mind Game is the latest one from Dhiman and Shankar. Both of them tagged me today.

Tag Rules: It’s harder than it looks! Copy to your own note, erase my answers, enter yours, and tag your friends. Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following questions. They have to be real… nothing made up! If the person before you had the same first initial, you must use different answers. You cannot use any word twice and you can’t use your name for the boy/girl name question. Have Fun!!
  1. What is your name: Vipul (It literally means Abundant, just like my weight and hopefully, the grey cells too.)
  2. A four Letter Word: Vent
  3. A boy’s Name: Vikrant
  4. A girl’s Name: Vipula (That doesn't mean Abundant with an 'A' as indeed it is with an 'A' only; it means Earth.)
  5. An occupation: Vallet (My dream job outside the Taj; can run away with some luxury car one day)
  6. A color: Violet
  7. Something you wear: Vest (and a V in the brand too - VIP Bonus)
  8. A food: Vanilla Ice-cream (Do suggest something better starting with V)
  9. Something found in the bathroom: Ventilator
  10. A place: Venice
  11. A reason for being late: Very unpunctual by nature (However, I am very punctual and two things I hate the most in any person are irresponsibility and unpunctuality.)
  12. Something you shout: Voila (I never shout that word. Its too western for an Indian to exclaim. Actually when I shout, its just that the decibel level in the surrounding atmosphere goes up but no one understands what I am shouting. Sometimes even I fail to understand what I shout.)
  13. A movie title: Vishwatma (of सात समुन्दर पार मैं तेरे पीछे पीछे गई fame)
  14. Something you drink: Vodka (with soda and lime cordial; I drink such stuff just once in a blue moon.)
  15. A musical group: Viva ( [V] Popstars, couldn't think of anyone else)
  16. An animal: Viper Snake
  17. A Street name: Vidya Path (Chandigarh)
  18. A type of car: Van (Maruti Omni)
  19. A song title: Vande Mataram (This one I couldn't think of instantaneously, shame on me!)
  20. A verb: Vacate

Aug 17, 2009
03:15 pm


This one, 5 lesser known things about me is the oldest of the lot. It is from Subhayan who tagged me on Jul 14, 2009. I doubt if he will even read this one as he is temporarily off the blogosphere. Any way, here I go, spilling some beans about myself, keeping the deep dark ones to myself.
  1. Food is my biggest weakness. My emotions are directly related to the kind of food I have. I live to eat or I eat to live is an unsolved mystery to me.
  2. Thanks to the above point, my weight has been fluctuating around a quintal for last 8 years or so. Whenever it goes past it, I go on a strict regime of walking and dieting. Once it comes down by some kilograms, I go back on my dirty habits. I just love this routine.
  3. I am a hirsute. Friends and family can't resist calling me a bhalu (bear) when I decide to go half monty. The pity is that despite this, I have started balding. God is Great!
  4. I am Acrophobic. Yes, I have an intrinsic fear of heights but not very acute.
  5. Continuing with the phobias; till the age of 18, i.e. till I entered my graduation; I had an acute fear of talking to girls, all thanks to my all-boys schooling. So, in short, its only been about 6 years since I started interacting with unrelated girls. My girl-friends (don't read it as just GF's) find it difficult to believe. Even I've started doubting its authenticity. But alas, its a truth. I know, it sucks big time!
As you can see in these images, I've made many strides in the past 6 years. Today, women just can't get over me and I just can't get over them. They cherish my images and dream about me while I can't help my eyes from wandering here and there *wink*. But we prefer to maintain a healthy distance. A mutual symbiotic relation, we have developed.

Aug 17, 2009
03:45 pm

That's it for the time being. As always, I tag all my blogger buddies who have not taken up this tag before. I'll soon return with the remaining ones too.


Dhiman said...

Voila ! You have done the tags as usual with a bit of humour, intelligence & information as well...
BTW Tag-1 No.16's very dangerous.... enjoyed reading the post !!!!

pawan said...

Well, I have got seven tags to get rid off! I'm dying here!

Shilpa Garg said...

A Very Virtuous, Voluntary, Vivid Visual for "V"!!

Very informative and interesting tags! :)

Sugandha Gupta said...

had fun reading it ... esp Wrahool's tag ... good to know more abt u ...
have fun
cheers :)

Unknown said...

wow..great answers with good sense of humour.... nice one vipul...

Shruti said...

hey vipula was gud!!
i was thinking Vipula means abundant but after seeing your explanation i started giggling!!

Valet stealing a car!! Funny yet thrilling!!

hey hilarious post from you!!

btw,check out my recent 55fiction!!

Indian Pundit said...

Hahahahahahaha.......simply hilarious.

Vipul rocks big time

You wrote:

""""""Food is my biggest weakness. My emotions are directly related to the kind of food I have. I live to eat or I eat to live is an unsolved mystery to me."""""""""

Now thats where WE ARE SIMILAR.....!!!!
But in my case THAT MYSTERY IS SOLVED!!!....i live to eat!!

Cheers yaar and the pics are great too.

Indian Pundit said...

Hey Vipul

Contrary to some other bloggers, i ABSOLUTELY LOVE CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM.

i feel i will grow as a writer and as a human being by those criticisms.


i loved your comment and will give a reply once i thought over it as u see dinner i.e FOOD IS WAITING!!!!!

Cheers man!!!

sm said...

good post
good luck for studies

Vineeta said...

Hey I am so proud that you could remember Vande Mataram for the song :)

And the best is #5 :)

Vipul Grover said...

@Dhiman.. thnx buddy, yeah its dangerous indeed, bt so is Tag-2 No.5 ;)

@Pawan.. well strt off 2day, b4 they bcum 8 pending ;)

@Shilpa.. Hey thnx Very Very Vuch.. i mean Much ;)

Vipul Grover said...

@Suga.. Gud 2 share more bout myslf :) Um happy u likd it! Keep reflecting!

@Shankar.. Thnx buddy, did ur tag d same day :)

@Shruti.. Yeah, i hd 2 clarify Vipula ;)
Keep thnx 4 appreciating.. keep reflecting:)

Vipul Grover said...

@IP.. hey evn i've solvd d mystery bt prefrd 2 keep it under d wraps.. Nd yeah i hop u enjoyd d FOOD ;)

@SM.. thnx buddy 4 d wishes:)

@Vineeta.. I actualy left d song blank.. only rmmbrd it all of a sudden wn rtrnd 4 scnd tag aftr couple of days:)

Subhayan Mukerjee said...

hello Vipul!!!
well i am indeed touched to say the least, that u've actually taken up my tag ... good to know that you awesome FBs remember me ... I am really trying to work on my blog buddy ... and i hope you dont mind the long absence that i had very painfully endured from your blog ...

all of u do mean a LOT to me

Prashansa said...

Very interesting 'untaging'! 5Th ans of first tag is interesting...

Mou said...


Roshmi Sinha said...

Wow! Thats some tag-a-thon! Nicely done, too.

Vishnu said...

hey.. am 'v' too.. n food 4 thought.. vannila ice cream?? c'mon vegetable sandwitch veg pulav veg frankie.. all the things tht start with vegetable.. hw did u miss them..

Vipul Grover said...

@Subhayan.. Gr8 2 c u buddy.. yup finally did ur tag aftr a mnth or so:)
Keep finding time nd d laptop 2 rtrn 2 our blogs:)

@Pra.. Hey thnx.. yup, tht one answer i blive most of d readers r liking.. Mayb thts a hidden ambition of evryone.. lol

Vipul Grover said...

@Mou.. Hmmm.. :)

@Roshmi.. Thnx.. nd yeah talking of tag-a-thon' um waiting 4 u 2 join blog-a-ton :)

Vipul Grover said...

@Vishnu.. Mayb bcoz um too mch in2 non-veg.. lol
No seriously, thts preposterous, how cud i miss tht.. nd vanilla ice cream is my least favoured flavour nd still hd 2 go with it..
Now tht u've rmindd me of the obvious, i mst say VEG ummmmmm.. Chiken Tikka Sandwich, Keema Frankie, Chicken Biryani.. Just cudnt fit in Veg u c ;)

Mr.R Aka Lakshmi Rajan said...

Nice to know litl about you :)

Bharathi said...

I liked the last para. It brought me a nice smile.

Vipul Grover said...

@Mr.R.. my pleasure:)

@Bharathi.. I really hop girls dreaming about me was a truth.. tht wud hav brought a smile on my face too ;)

Indian Pundit said...

Hi Vipul

i am DAMM IMPRESSED by you.

Check out my blog.

AN AWARD is waiting for you.........

Cheers man.