28 Jul 2011

My third published article

Its 4 in 4 months. Of course, as I mentioned in the previous post, the actual third article I wrote for Tribune was not published in its totality but only some of the sound-bytes I had gathered were used. So here is my third published Op-Ed in which I have compiled the whole page including my own write up, the photograph (of my students in Bulls Eye), the counter argument (by my colleague) and the opinions of the students.

You can read the article here - Coaching Industry - A Parallel Education System

However, the article got pruned down a bit due to space constraints and the end result seems a bit incoherent. Somehow, I feel this particular line from the original draft should not have been removed by the editors -

Many academic trainers in this industry have emerged as the role models for the students and work hard under very stressful schedules in helping them to crack the tough examinations.

Do give your feedback and suggest what other issues I can take up for my future Op-Eds.

Here are links to my previous articles -

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Someone is Special said...

Congrats once again Vipul....

Someone is Special

phatichar said...

Great article..Yes, they shouldn't have taken the line out. All the best.

Someone is Special said...

Came here to wish you a very ~ Happy Frendship Day ~

Someone is Special

Vipul Grover said...

Hey, totally missed out on these comments :)

Thnx Saravana as alwez :)

And Mr. Phatichar, welcome to this blog.. thnx 4 supporting my assertion.. keep reflecting :)

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