22 Jun 2009

A Struggle that is called Life

I ended my previous post by equating life to a struggle. So, carrying on from there, I reproduce my two poems, I wrote long ago. They just reflect what I meant in those parting lines;
Life has moved on
Those days are left far behind
But one thing is pretty clear
What I started in my sophomore days
Is there to stay
As the struggle of life
To bear.

Here is the first of the two;
Success Mantra

Once in a lifetime opportunity is the life itself,
Make the maximum out of it, always thrive to excel.
Fed up of losing the battles, just don’t give up the fight,
Keep the desired destination always within your sight.

The path you choose might be very long and hard,
Just be careful as here you won’t get any wild card.
Keeping the faith in yourself can do the final trick,
Remember to take some rest in case you feel sick.

The mantra is not in just moving forward at a pace nonstop,
It is to plan everything beforehand to reap a fine crop.
With shear dedication you'll never let the fruits turn sour,
After losing all those petty battles, you'll win the final war.

I wrote these lines four years ago, on this very day, i.e. Jun 22, 2005. The reason I remember it is that I keyed them as a note in my new Nokia 6820 and the note carries the date. Sadly that means, I am still carrying the same old phone:(
Anyways, I recently found a collection of my childhood poems which I wrote when I was about 10 years old. I have mentioned it an earlier post too. There, I came across another poem, titled 'Life'.
These two poems have been written about a decade apart. In this period, the lines have gone longer and the words have grown stronger but both carry the same spirit, 'a struggle that is called life'. I'll sign off with the other one.


The life is a see saw
Full of ups and downs
A moment to enjoy yourself
A moment to frown.

The life is a reality
Its not a fairy tale
Sometimes you'll succeed
Sometimes you'll fail.

The life is a war
You have to fight
Sometimes you may go wrong
Sometimes you may be right.

Image Courtesy:
http://www.makemovies.co.uk (edited)


BK Chowla, said...

Oppurtunity knocks at the door only once.Make it or break it.In my opinion every aspect of life is pre-destined,it makes you work hard or otherwise and creates such circumstances which take you towards your destiny.Unfortunately,when one successeds one takes the credit and blames GOD and his kismat if he fails to make it in life.However,one must continue to work hard with specific goals in life.We have only one life...let us make the best of it.Leaverest to HIM

Vipul Grover said...

Yup, as i wrote, 'Once in a lifetime opportunity is the life itself; Make the maximum out of it, always thrive to excel.'
There is no substitute to hard work. However, beyond that there is fate. for some, fate is merely an excuse of the faint hearted. However to deny it seems a bit difficult to me.

Tangerine said...

Wish i cud express myself as well as u do. But since I cant I will borrow a line from CR Swindoll.

"We are all faced with a series of great opportunities brilliantly disguised as impossible situations.”

Vipul Grover said...

hey tangerine, quoting so aptly at the opportune moment is in itself a great way of expression. I really lack it so end up creating my own quotes;)

Anonymous said...

Came to read your poems from indiblogger.I admire those poets who are able to write their poems without using huge words and verses that are not understandable to lay people like me and still make a powerful impact on reader. And words and verses that you used were simple but powerful.That's a quality of a good poet.My vote goes for you.

Really liked your all 5 poems. I specially liked The Eternal Labyrinth of a Materialistic Life and 'Life' and Success Mantra
My favourite lines are:

"With shear dedication you'll never let the fruits turn sour,
After losing all those petty battles, you'll win the final war."

PS: I have a hobby of collecting quotes,articles,stories and poems that i like. I hope you don't mind me noting down 'Success Mantra' and add it to my collection. If i ever used it,your credit will be given to you. Hope you don't mind.

All The Best for Indiblogger of the month


Vipul Grover said...

Hey Shilpa, thanx 4 all those kind words.. Um speechless :)
What cn b more satisfying for any writer thn sum1 quoting him.. Do it wherevr u wish :)

aayan said...

Success mantra was very well written.
Just one question -
3rd para 3rd line says "with shear .."
did you mean to say with "sheer" / or were you intending to say something else?

Vipul Grover said...

Hi thnx Gyanban for dropping by and appreciating this poem. nd yeah thnx for bringing tht spelling error 2 my notice.. It sheer only :)

Nalini Hebbar said...

nice very nice...i like the way you present your poems along with your thoughts...you have improved as a poet too

Vipul Grover said...

Hey thnx nalini.. Welcome to this blog and I hope to c u again nd again.. so keep reflecting :)