5 Jul 2009

When the Sun rose from the West

And Birthday Wishes to my friend

These snaps were taken by Shashaank (aka Shashi of The Three Risk-tak(e)rs fame) at Ankit's (aka Aniket of The 3 R's fame again) place after we returned from a 'gruelling' session of Cricket.
He mailed me these snaps yesterday and insisted that I Blog about them, as had been decided when he took them. However, as already a week had passed (we played last Sunday), I blankly refused saying that, "My blog does not wait for the bygone days."
When we later had a conversation at night, he insisted that I should write it. So finally I am relenting for a single reason that it is his birthday today. So this post is like a gift to him. So now when I gulp a Rs. 310 buffet (inclusive of all taxes) at his birthday lunch, I won't have the guilt of eating all that without giving him a gift (now that is the second but more potent reason).
From gift, I remember his birthday a few years ago when I and Ankit shelled out money at an Archies Gallery, buying some useless superheroes comics and a Spiderman watch for this Superheroes (especially Spiderman) buff. But that unthankful soul, neither read those comics nor wore that watch.
Anyways, that day when we reached his place, he was not there, thanks to some miscommunication. So we waited in his room, sulking and angry at him for this. As a revenge, we searched for his snap with a friend (the girl who was his 'so called' friend-but we teased him to be her boyfriend-so we loved teasing-and he loved denying-and it went on and on like that).
Going to the Paint, I made a big heart on that snap with word, Lovebirds (or something like that) written inside. To top it, that was made the wallpaper on his desktop and we waited impatiently for any of his family members to enter the room. Finally Aunty came, saw the wallpaper, gave a smile and went back.
Redemption, we said!
I met Shashaank at our common Chemistry and Physics tution back in Eleventh standard (on the other hand, I have known and been friends with Ankit on-and-off, since our pre-schooling). We were from the same school but had been non-existent for each other all these years. We clicked soon and the friendship flourished over the years. Maybe, being Cancerians helped. While, he was born, this day, back in 1985; I took another 12 days to 'check-out' from my mother's womb.


Before, I turn this post into his testimonial, I must return to the topic, i.e. the cricket match. I am a big cricket fan like any other 'sensible' Indian but suck at the game. When I was about 15, I preferred playing with the 9-12 years old than the 13-18 years old who played on the other side of the ground. How, I loved thwacking the kids, I mean their balls, I mean their deliveries.
Earlier when all of us used to play together, I was generously given a 'runner' by the bhaiyas (the older guys) to save my bulging body from unnecessary sweating. Once, when my mother saw this, she was pretty angry as she was against this fats-conservation-mission of mine.
Later on, I used to play cricket with Shashaank, Ankit and company near Ankit's place. They were pretty regular at it at times but I gave my holy darshan only once in a six months or so. Here too, I sucked big time.
So, last Sunday, we all were together for another cricketing session and as far as I remember, I was holding the bat after a couple of years or so. Now what was so important about the two games we played that Shashaank wants me to blog about it?
Well, it seemed as if the Ganges had started flowing backwards towards Gaumukh, the Sun decided to rise from the West and Salman Khan finally decided to marry. To the surprise of all, I was at my best that day. Dived to field, smashed fours, remained not out in both games and bowled a wicket maiden in the final over of the day to top it all. More than anyone else, it was me who was surprised the most.
(An update: To read more about my exploits that day, visit the comments section.)

How redeeming it felt. And as if this was not enough, I woke up the next day without any aches, which always trouble me after such games. It was not short of any miracle.
So is it Katrina or someone else?

Friends, visit my new blog, Blog-a-Ton and join me in this new endeavour.

In the Image:
As already told, that's me. I bet that you are surprised to see me with those hair :)

Image Courtesy:
Shashaank's cellphone (edited)


Bharathi said...

I saw shashaank's comment on your previous post 'A curious case of corruption'. I am waiting for him to comment on the true status of your wicket maiden, diving and fours. Just kidding.

Vipul Grover said...

lol.. bharathi in tht case u shud hav guessed by now whose story tht is.. as i said there neither me, nor him bt a third frnd;)

Anyways will tell shashaank 2 cmnt (truthfully)here asap aftr his b'day treat.. so stay tuned:)

Bharathi said...

Yeah I can understand. I have friends like that too. when I was staying in college hostel, I went on 10 days leave for a marriage and my friends spread a rumor that I secretly married a girl. when I came back, everyone were suspicious. It was fun then. any way convey my birth day greetings to him.

Anjan said...

Damn!! the Indian team should've included you in T20 team... :D

Vipul Grover said...

hey bharathi u shud hav writtn a post about it man:)

hey anjan keep supporting me like this.. who knows i mite lead india at d nxt T20 world cup which is cuming up in jst 9 mnths.. nd yeah thts possibl only if Salman gts married by thn:)

Shanks said...

hey Bharathi
The true status is -
1. yes he hit a couple of fours, batter really well and remained not out
2. He did take a wicket maiden
3. He did dive..but he forgot to mention that it was an unnecessary dive and he never even touched the ball :)
4. Curious case of corruption isnt vipul's story..in his true story, he Luckily never encountered corruption :)))

Bharathi said...

@ Shanks: I know the real fact. I was just enjoying you pulling his leg. However have a nice B day pal.

Vipul Grover said...

thanks Shashaank 4 clarifying but there r sum corrections and additions I'll have 2 make:

1. I hit 3 fours, 2 in d first match and 1 in d second.

2. I played only the last two balls in d second match ending with Yusuf Pathanish strike rate of 200 ;)

3. To top it, I bowled d final over in d match(though it was already in our hands), returning with a wicket maiden as substantiated by my team's captain, Shashaank:D

4. In d first match, while chasing, I batted through with my opening partner, winning d match comfortably with 2 overs remaining(in 6 overs innings).
I scored 2 fours, 3 doubles and a single, I believe. However, I needed Ankit as a runner in later stages as it became difficult for me to carry my weight;)

5.When I dived I indeed fielded and threw the ball back 2 d keeper. Its another thing that I actually dived(or fell) after throwing thanks 2 the large momentum created by my large mass.
For those weak in Physics:
Momentum = Mass X Velocity

6. It never happened that I missed 2 touch a ball which came in my vicinity. I did drop a simple catch bt savd runs,nonetheless:)

Bharathi said...

Now the comments section is getting more interesting than the post :)

Vipul Grover said...

Hey, bharathi its all due 2 interest shown by u :D